Resolution Center

Welcome to the Foostix resolution center. The resolution center is built in 2 sections, and they are based on the criteria levels 1 & 2.

With our new resolution center we hope to assist and solve your matters not only as quickly as possible but also in a most efficient and professional way, and this is exactly why we split it by 2 levels, Critical and Non Critical.

Critical issues should be attended during a time frame of 5 or so minutes. Non critical, although very important to you as well as to Foostix, these issues can normally resolved by checking our FAQ section below and or generating a inquiry using our Customer Service Ticketing and each inquiry will be checked during the next business day of our standard office hours (see standard Office hours below).

How does it work for Criterial Level 1 matters? You select 1 of the pre-defined items listed. Click on the Contact Button and dial the number displayed. This number will be directed to either the restaurant or one of our Foostix Ambassadors. Please note that all calls are recorded for quality assurance and improvements.

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For all other question please use our contact form